Welcome to The Dave White Roast

Some writers get splashy book tours and accommodations at five-star hotels around the country. Still others conduct massive online marketing campaigns with every variety of Facebook, MySpace and blog component. Then there are bookmarks, tchotchkes and other miscellany handed out to readers and booksellers alike. Getting the word out comes in many forms, because there’s no tried and true way for a writer to be noticed.

And then we have Dave White.

For Dave, I wanted to do something special, something he’d never forget. Okay, let me rephrase: earlier this summer I wondered what would be really funny and strange and weird and appropriate for a man equally noted for his prose as for his author faux pas and abilities with beer bottles. And normally, this kind of thing leads to Gilbert Gottfried pulling an Aristocrats joke out of his ass to flummox Hugh Hefner and his coterie of busty blonde Playmates.

And so, in honor of Dave White’s first and only debut novel WHEN ONE MAN DIES, which can be found in bookstores everywhere from today onwards, we have the first (and only?) Dave White Roast. Several folks have already emailed with choice stories, cheerful ribbing and the like. Dave even has his very own “fan” blog (which is probably the funniest thing I’ve been reading all month.) More is expected throughout the day, and of course, the comments section on this post will be wide-open for your best shots.

To open proceedings, I’ll only say this: dude, I just got back from Canada.