Smatterings in Transit

Boarding a flight later today so links are all I’m good for:

More on the NYT bestseller revamp from Crain’s.

Linda Fairstein, who gave the book a generous blurb, talks with forensic pathologist and freelance writer Jonathan Hayes about his upcoming debut forensic thriller PRECIOUS BLOOD.

Am I the only one who found matching up Patrick Anderson and Diana Gabaldon produced a rather hilarious result?

The Rap Sheet brings news of a new crime fiction novella imprint which will publish new work by John Harvey, Stephen Booth and Nicola Monaghan.

eMusic gets into the audiobooks fray. (Full disclosure: I’m reviewing audiobooks for them now.)

The B&N tally in New York: Astor Place and Chelsea are shutting down, Tribeca is opening up. Gotta love Manhattan rents….

Robert Jordan, RIP, and that means the WHEEL OF TIME series may not be finished.

On a different note, RIP TimesSelect.

Starbucks changed the life of former ad exec Michael Gates Gill and he tells USA TODAY’s Bob Minzesheimer how that came about.

And finally, oh hell yes surgery sucks.