I’ve been wanting to read David Lozell Martin’s THE AMERICAN KING for a while, but Patrick Anderson just about convinces me I must.

A double dose of Michiko and amazingly, both are raves as she digs the much-hyped novel by Junot Diaz and Edwidge Danticat’s memoir.

Levi Asher has launched a new series on hardcover vs. paperback pricing, and he gets initial thoughts from Richard Nash, Scott Hoffman and Mark Sarvas.

Asher also has a piece at the Guardian blog
about the bad imitators spawned by Jack Kerouac.

The LA Daily News talks to Will Beall, author of LA REX.

The NYT has finally discovered blog tours.

The BBC wonders what makes Ian McEwan so popular
as the movie version for ATONEMENT is set for release.

Anyone with a vague interest in matters literary should read Steve Wasserman’s cover piece in the CJR