Jon Evans ponders the future of reading for the Walrus, and puts his money where his mouth is (so to speak) by making one of his novels, an urban fantasy novel starring New York’s finest wildlife, available on his website free of charge.

The Rap Sheet has news of a long-lost novel by Edward Bunker that No Exit Press is publishing next month. Cool news indeed!

At Tangled Web, Bob Cornwell talks with Peter Temple about being a longterm expat, Australian crime fiction and the appeal of Joe Cashin.

Christopher Shea at the Boston Globe has more to say about James Wood’s jump to the New Yorker.

All week long Colleen Mondor is organizing “Recommendations Under the Radar,” a slew of pieces on underrated YA authors hosted by several blogs.

When I first heard about this I referenced Dorothy Parker on A.A. Milne to a friend, but realized this was a better reaction.

Joseph Weisberg, whose novel AN ORDINARY SPY comes out on January, explains the difference between secret and classified information (which is helpful, because as someone who has looked at “classified” documents that are available in the public domain without the blackout bars, I wondered what certain government agencies were smoking with regards to privacy issues. Oh, and link via.)

Only in the 60s, kids, only in the 60s. Though now I think I want one, dammit.

The embedding is disabled, unfortunately, but how could I not post this???

And finally, one of the most troubling cases in Canadian history may come to the proper conclusion – but even then it wouldn’t be enough.