Smatterings of the Vaguely Cryptic Variety

First, huge thank-yous to Messrs. Koryta and Hayes for classing up the joint the last two days. Especially with pictures! I think it’s time to add some more splashy graphics to Confessions. And change the design. And update the blogroll, now about two and a half years out of date. Someday, someday…

Something in the crime fiction water, part 1: Not only is this the worst headline ever, it’s a rehash of an old argument that was a rehash of an even older argument. (more here, with a boatload of comments to boot.) Oh, and now Dwight Garner has gone and blogged about it, “legitimizing” it even more. Gee, thanks.

Something in the crime fiction water, part 2: The same argument rages even more nastily in Sweden.

Something in the crime fiction water, part 3: Well, technically this is more about genre in general, but the first two paragraphs definitely apply (though the rest of the essay is quite good.)

Tasha Alexander gets a great writeup from Nashville Scene.

Jason Starr talks to James Ireland Baker about using the Upper East Side as a backdrop for his new thriller, THE FOLLOWER. Starr also picks his favorite literary depicters of New York.

Duane Swierczynski pays tribute to his favorite Philly bookseller, Art Bourgeau.

Ali Karim chats with Linwood Barclay
about the impetus for his gripping standalone novel NO TIME FOR GOODBYE.

Jenny Davidson talks with Peter Temple about crime fiction, why he hasn’t set a novel in his native South Africa, and his fondness for horse racing.

Colleen Mondor gives an overview of the First One Shot World Tour Schedule.   

The Scotsman takes care of your Edinburgh Book Festival coverage needs.

A man encounters a nemesis at a book party and the result is not at all what one might expect.

I don’t believe this for a minute. Nope, not a bit.

And finally, I can’t get this out of my head. Nor, for that matter, her album. What a difference ten years makes, eh?