Behold, Great Guestblog Month Approaches

Starting tomorrow, a slew of guest bloggers will take the reins here in sequence, although my presence won’t completely go away – there are Weekend Updates to collate, news to comment on and such. As in previous years, these bloggers are brand-new to the format and run some gamut along the crime fiction spectrum.

Tomorrow’s host is Robyn Young, author of the medieval historical thrillers BRETHREN and CRUSADE, with REQUIEM to follow next year. When I read BRETHREN last year, I didn’t want to like it – there were so many books about Templars coming out around the same time. But a plane trip beckoned and I took it along, and was very pleasantly surprised at the depth of research, the power plays and politics of the 13th century and the quest of its heroic protagonist, Will. And you have to like someone who ends their bio with “I sing in the shower, still write bad poetry, avoid maths, still drink

too much beer, love old folk songs and although being a novelist most

definitely isn’t a proper job, or at least a normal one, I wouldn’t do

anything else given the choice.”