Lehane Gives Thumbs-Up to GONE, BABY GONE Movie

Yup, he likes it:

Boston writer Dennis Lehane is giving big ups to Ben Affleck’s
big-screen adaptation of his 1998 kidnap thriller “Gone, Baby, Gone,”
saying the Cambridge homey has made a flick that “reeks of Boston.”

“I saw the movie and
it’s terrific,” said Lehane who got a sneak peek at the made-in-Boston
drama in New York City a few weeks back. “I wasn’t gonna say anything
if I didn’t like it but it’s really terrific.”

said Affleck, who directed the movie and adapted the screenplay, was
“over the moon” when he gave him his film review.  “The plan was, if I
hated it, I’d vanish,” he said. “I actually set up my schedule to go
into a black hole in September and October. But I gotta tell you, I’m
very, very happy.”

To see for yourselves, check out the trailer. I’m not totally sold on Casey Affleck but of course I’m going to watch it.