Thursday smatterings

Duane Swierczynski scores an interview with Elmore Leonard to mark the occasion of his 41st novel, UP IN HONEY’S ROOM.

Somehow I totally whiffed on reporting the Agatha Award winners, so belatedly, here they are.

David Montgomery’s review of INVISIBLE PREY appears in the Washington Post.

Lee Child talks with the Nashville Scene
about Jack Reacher, action and wish fulfillment.

Just as Tania Kindersley calls for a Somerset Maugham comeback, Terry Teachout announces some incredibly exciting news.

Scott Esposito interviews JAMESTOWN author Matthew Sharpe for Small Spiral Notebook.

Clayton Moore adopts a Russian feel for his latest Mystery Strumpet column at Bookslut.

James Lincoln Warren has corralled an impressive lineup for Criminal Brief, a short-story-centric blog.

The SF Chronicle talks with Berkeley Breathed
, best known for his amazing comic strips but now turning his attention to writing children’s books.

New York offers a field guide to reading Don DeLillo.

And finally, more about lolguistics than you can shake a stick at.