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Lots and lots of post-LA Times Festival of Books Coverage courtesy Tod Goldberg, Lee Goldberg, Carolyn Kellogg, Callie Miller, Mark Coggins, Brett Battles and more. The winners of the awards were announced, too.

Patrick Anderson isn’t all that taken with Harlan Coben’s THE WOODS, but I’m flummoxed by the inexplicable David Halberstam redirect. Okay, it’s Anderson’s column, he can mention whom he wanted to but…it’s somewhat jarring nonetheless.

John Sutherland casts a wide net in looking at the global reach of crime fiction.

The Globe and Mail talks to Matt Rees
, whose wonderful debut novel THE COLLABORATOR OF BETHLEHEM is now available in Canada.

Nora Roberts and her husband, Bruce Wilder, plan to decorate six rooms in their about-to-be-renovated Boonesboro Inn in the style of literary couples like Nick & Nora, Jane Eyre and Rochester and…Eve Dallas and Roarke.

China Mieville calls for more agitprop in children’s literature.

As part of Larry Brown week, John Kenyon interviews Brown’s editor, Shannon Ravenel, on editing A MIRACLE OF CATFISH for publication.

CHUD’s Cameron Hughes chats with Will Beall
about police procedurals, being a cop and his next projects.

Mark Gatiss’s mondo entertaining Lucifer Box novels are being adapted for TV by the BBC.