Edgar Week: The Black Orchid Party

Or what I must call it: the Party of Constant Interruptions. About two hours in, it got to be a bit a joke as I would be in conversation with someone, another person would come up, apologies all round for the interruptions, change partners and all that. But then, when the likes of Lee Child, Declan Hughes, Marcia Talley, Jane Cleland, Robin Hathaway, Laurie King, S.J. Rozan, Dave White, Jason Pinter (with the absolutely adorable Wilson in tow), Anthony Rainone, Gerald So, Mary Reagan, Judy Bobalik, Cornelia Read, Con Lehane, Charles Ardai & Naomi Novik, Daniel Hale (introducing MWA publicist Aziza Johnson to the throng of folks), Megan Abbott, Jason Starr, Reed Coleman and a slew of folks I’m forgetting were there, the whirligig of conversations makes perfect sense.

Thank goodness the weather cooperated for Bonnie & Joe. Fantastic party, as always.