Links, Links, Links

There may not have been a Weekend Update but that doesn’t mean there won’t be links:

Crime fiction roundups from Marilyn Stasio, David Montgomery, Margaret Cannon, Oline Cogdill, Susanna Yager, Jeremy Jehu, Marcel Berlins and Patrick Anderson.

Before Laura Lippman’s appearance at Thurber House she was interviewed by Craig McDonald at Columbus This Week as well as Columbus Alive.

The Portland Press-Herald profiles a slew of Maine-based crime writers
and wonders why there are so many of them in such a small place. (thanks, Clair!)

The Toronto Star’s Vit Wagner explains why crime pays in Sweden.

Regis Behe interviews Ian Rankin, who also appears at NPR. And he’s writing an opera libretto, too

Mark Sarvas cracks the NYTBR, Ed Park’s first SF column debuts at the LA Times and Ed Champion interviews Lionel Shriver for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Shriver also reveals more of herself with the Observer’s Lynn Barber.

Joshua Ferris mines the classics for office fiction

James Patterson picks five novels of importance to him
for Newsweek.

Stacey Alesi went to Sleuthfest and reports back on what transpired over the weekend. (via.) 

And finally, I am so glad I saw this movie.