The Anthology That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Or in other words, the anthology formerly known as Fuck Noir will see the light of day – as EXPLETIVE DELETED:

Crime writing is a dirty business—dealing in death, isolation, ruin and

decay—and sometimes it calls for dirty words. In this gritty, gorgeous

collection of short stories, new and veteran crime writers alike

celebrate that granddaddy of all cusswords; that most adaptable and

descriptive grouping of letters; that searing, offensive, musical,

perfect sound: fuck.

Look for it from Bleak House Books this November with stories from the likes of Ken Bruen, Kevin Wignall, Charlie Huston, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Anthony Neil Smith, John Rickards, Ray Banks and yours truly (contributing a story without a single swear word, if I remember correctly.) And though the original title is probably going to be used in conversations anyway, the final version (especially with that cover) is certainly going to stand out in the “New Releases” section in Barnes & Noble and Borders…