Links & sundry

LA Noir and its editrix, Denise Hamilton, get a stellar writeup in the LA Times today. And I agree, one would have thought the anthology would appear sooner but waiting for the right editor was a smart move on Akashic’s part.

Oline Cogdill chats with Linda Fairstein about moving away from prosecution more fully into crime fiction and her love of all things New York.

For Norwegians, Easter is the best time to buy crime. (link via.)

If you’re in the city tonight, you’d be best advised to check out what promises to be a great night of Tartan Noir – Ian Rankin, Al Guthrie, Denise Mina (with moderation by Duane Swierczynski) means you pretty much can’t go wrong here.

The news that USPS is changing their international ground shipping rates isn’t just bad news for used booksellers, but for any international dealers who want to attend conventions, unfortunately.

Lameness of the lame

Jerome Weeks talks to LitMinds about the book/daddy moniker, his vision for arts journalism and why he’s a blogging convert.

Sam Jordison ponders which writers will fall out of favor in the future.

Speaking of discussable topics, USA TODAY offers its list of 25 books that “leave a legacy.”