Pre-Passover Smatterings

It’s the home stretch. More cleaning, more cooking, more free-fall into OCD territory. Ah, Passover. So links will be quick and posts will be scarce until Thursday, most likely. But for now:

When the New Yorker decides to cover crime fiction, it can be controversial (then) and erudite but ultimately rather pointless (now).

Speaking of the juxtaposition of literature and crime, Patrick Anderson is fervently on the latter side with regards to CHRISTINE FALLS.

Gillian Galbraith explains to the Scotsman
why she left the lawyering life behind for that of a crime fiction writer.

Sunday’s Hartford Courant had a big special on writers and blogging; check out essays by Chimimanda Adichie, Elinor Lipman, Geneva Overholser and more.

I have to agree with Mark: the headline is kinda misleading, though the article is plenty illuminating.

This may be my favorite Shelf Awareness issue ever.