Listing the links

Laura Lippman, who moves up to #10 on the New York Times bestseller list, is interviewed by both Duane Swierczynski and Regis Behe.

USA Today’s Carol Memmott rounds up new mysteries by Lippman, Cara Black, Matthew Klein and Robert Crais and gives a rave review to Michael Gruber for his standalone thriller THE BOOK OF AIR AND SHADOWS.

Tamar Yellin talks to the Jewish Book Week about the seemingly unending number of prizes she’s won of late.

Julia Keller isn’t the only one to be shocked by Oprah’s selection
of Cormac McCarthy’s THE ROAD for the book club. But Ed makes a good point: McCarthy, notoriously reclusive, has no problem being interviewed by Oprah and Jonathan Franzen does? Talk about a decision that looks dumber with each passing year…

Speaking of THE ROAD, it sure looks like it will win the Tournament of Books, too.

Pauline Chen chats with David Mehegan about finding the humanity and emotion in practicing medicine.

Slate wraps up its ongoing Memoir Week

And finally, I’m not exactly sure why it took me till now to read it but this is as craptastic a publishing story as I’ve heard in a while, especially since the book is freaking fantastic (I read it in manuscript ages ago but buy lots of copies when it hits UK stores – despite Asda not living up to its promises) and if there is justice, some American publisher would give the entire series the kind of happy ending Meg Gardiner recently benefited from.