The Boston Globe meets William Landay, who relates why he left prosecution behind for full time writing of such wonderful books as THE STRANGLER.

Steve Allan has a couple of excellent interviews up with Jenny Siler and Keith Dixon.

At Things I’d Rather Be Doing, Charles Ardai is this week’s interview guest.

Every day brings a new awards shortlist, and today’s is the Gumshoe Awards, courtesy Mystery Ink. The nominees are a diverse and eclectic bunch, to be sure.

Patrick Anderson had never reviewed Laura Lippman’s work before, but something tells me he has some major catching up to do after his thoughts on WHAT THE DEAD KNOW.

Peter Osnos has some great thoughts on the future of book reviews in newspapers, and Warren Buffett has brilliant insights into the future of newspapers.

The Brown Daily Herald has a great writeup of the university’s recent “Pulp Uncovered” Festival (link via.)

USA Today talks to Harry Bernstein, the 96 year old author of a memoir of his past and the divide between Christians and Jews.

UK SF Book News has a lengthy interview with Richard Morgan on the eve of publication of his newest novel, BLACK MAN.

The Bat Segundo show went a bit crazy with content over the weekend, supplying interviews of Martin Amis, Jane Ganahl, Ron Jeremy and Annalee Newitz & Charlie Anders.

The Independent picks up on Muriel Gray’s comments after the Orange Broadband Prize was longlisted.

And finally, Dana Kaye has some great points about the complexities of reviewing. Which is also why I hope she reviews more widely.