Rachel Ekstrom Leaves Minotaur

If it seems like a hectic week at the offices of 175 Fifth Avenue, that’s because it is. At the same time the company brought in Jason Pinter to its editorial ranks, it also prepares to say goodbye to one of its stalwarts, publicity manager Rachel Ekstrom, hired as Dutton/Gotham’s new Associate Director of Publicity. Her last day at St. Martin’s Minotaur is March 22; she’ll start at her new digs the following Monday.

When I spoke to Ekstrom yesterday afternoon, it was clear that while she’s extremely excited about her new position, which will see her handle publicity campaigns for mysteries & thrillers but also for mainstream & historical fiction and non-fiction titles, she has mixed feelings about leaving Minotaur – and the dozens of crime fiction writers on its list. No wonder, considering she started at SMP back in 2002 as assistant to then-publicity director Linda McFall, and after a brief hiatus to teach and pursue other career opportunities, returned to the fold in 2005 as McFall’s successor.

There’s no question that she’ll be supremely missed by the St. Martin’s faithful as well as its authors, but those with books published or about to be published by Dutton and Gotham should count themselves extremely lucky to have Rachel in their corner. And at her new job, she’ll be working once more with former SMP editor Ben Sevier (“it’s so great there will be a familiar face,” Ekstrom said.)

Lauren Manzella continues as a publicist for Minotaur, and the search to find Ekstrom’s replacement begins immediately.