Today is the launch of the 3rd Edition of the Blog Short Story Project, edited by Bryon Quertermous and Dave White. Gerald So has the running tally of contributors, including Patti Abbott, JT Ellison, Paul Guyot, Daniel Hatadi, David Montgomery and John Dumond.

Speaking of JT, she has a fantastic interview with Putnam senior VP and publisher Neil Nyren as he talks about his 20-plus years in the business, what he looks for in thrillers and changes in the publishing industry.

Megan Abbott pays tribute to James Ellroy in honor of his birthday.

Things aren’t looking good for Oregon libraries
, unfortunately.

Forensic scientist and debut crime novelist John Macken meets the folks on the cutting edge of British forensics.

The Bat Segundo show inches ever closer to show #100, with two new podcasts featuring Charlie Huston and Tayari Jones.

Jonathan Lethem talks to the Boston Globe about plagiarism, appropriation, playfulness and moving back to the same block he grew up on.

Patrick Anderson admires Robert Crais for making the sidekick the star
, but ultimately feels THE WATCHMAN pales in comparison to THE LAST DETECTIVE. To which I say, um, I’d reverse that, but this is me.

Joseph Finder answers questions about technology and mystery
for the current issue of Electronic House.

Scientists claim to be able to track a person’s intentions. We’ll see if this is reproducible.

And finally, why can’t you be like Endicott?