Catching Up on Links

The hand is healing, and I can type more or less, just slower than usual. Now to the links:

The Palm Beach Post reveals all sorts of random trivia about James Patterson, like how he writes in longhand and invented the Oscar Meyer jingle. Now I know who to blame…

Stephen White talks to the California Literary Review
about his Alan Gregory series and why he chooses a different theme for each book.

The Danbury New Times chats with its local author, Peter Spiegelman, about his new PI novel RED CAT.

Val McDermid explains the impetus for her standalone novel THE GRAVE TATTOO to the St. Paul Pioneer- Press.

Oline Cogdill goes local with good reviews
of the latest by Christine Kling and Bob Morris. Morris is also interviewed by the South Carolina State.

Will Robert Crais finally succumb to Hollywood’s temptation
to adapt an Elvis Cole novel? Or at least a Joe Pike one?

Compare and contrast Janet Maslin’s take with Patrick Anderson’s view on Kevin Flynn’s RELENTLESS PURSUIT.

Curtis Sittenfeld is still dodging the chick-lit label, this time from the Melbourne Age.

The minute Tracy Chevalier’s novel is published in America I will get a copy (if one is not sent to me). This interview with the Independent just adds to the excitement.

More crime columns from Susanna Yager, David Montgomery, Hallie Ephron, Marilyn Stasio and Margaret Cannon.

From the Rap Sheet: Duane Swierczynski at TIRBD; Philip Hawley at the Crime Fiction Dossier; Stephen Marlowe reveals the backstory of his collaboration with Richard Prather; and the Agatha Awards shortlist.

My few cents on Barry Gewen’s “NYTBR Revealed!” talk at Harvard? If the target audience is a “dentist in Scarsdale with two primary concerns: her family and teeth” no wonder the publication is so out of touch with, well, reality.