All over the place

In transit all day, but here are a couple of me-related items of potential interest:

Hours after my piece about the Google UnBound conference ran last month,’s Andrew Keen (the author of the forthcoming THE CULT OF THE AMATEUR) got in touch with me to talk some more about the future of publishing, digital and otherwise. My thoughts, in podcast format, are now up for listening.

The next piece I’m particularly proud of for a number of reasons: one, it was a chance to branch out into territory distinctly unrelated to books and publishing; two, the topic is very close to my heart; and three, I’d never written a feature-length story like this before. The result is this week’s cover story for the Philadelphia City Paper, about the approaching 50th anniversary of one of the city’s most haunting unsolved mysteries: the fate of America’s Unknown Child. Thanks, Duane, for giving me the chance to work on this, one of my most rewarding experiences as a writer to date.