Ed Gorman points to this remarkable website by John Fraser where he discourses on all matters related to thrillers.

Arundhati Roy will be publishing her first novel in a decade.

While Maureen Dowd offends the mainstream crowd with her staledated disdain for chick lit, the SF Chronicle’s Jeff Yang looks at it from an Asian standpoint.

In reviews: the Badger Herald digs David Pirie’s THE DARK WATER; Corey Messler is the latest to praise David Markson for his early crime novels; and Patrick Anderson lingers over Peter Spiegelman’s newest PI novel.

Dan Wickett announces the next two titles for Dzanc Books, which will be released in 2008.

The Washington Post Magazine was all about Valentine’s Day this past weekend, with new fiction by Ron Carlson, ZZ Packer, Stephen Macauley and more.

Paul Guyot advocates the writing mechanic. Mine happens to be William Zinsser’s ON WRITING WELL.

And finally, WTF? I mean, WTF???