Me and the Mystery Morgue

Since there’s been some chatter in the backblogs about it, I suppose it’s my duty to point y’all to Jeff Cohen’s intrepid interview of yours truly at Mystery Morgue and the paragraph in question:

How does one get to be a cabana boy/girl?  Is a physical examination necessary?


the Cabana Boy thing. Here’s where I must confess that I’ve almost

forgotten the origin, though it started off in the early days of

Confessions when the only commenters I had were a group of guys who

were the original (for better or for worse) Cabana Crew. But when the

day comes for a redesign of the site, the blogroll will be revamped

considerably—and the Cabana Boys will be retired, along with other 80s

fads like leg warmers and horrible perms.

Then again, I never underestimate the power of inertia, so there may be a reprieve in the offing…

More seriously, the interview addresses my original interest in crime fiction, how I choose books for review and why I had to quote my man Shel.