Patrick Anderson praises William Landay’s THE STRANGLER highly, though feels it isn’t quite to the level of MYSTIC RIVER.

The Dallas Morning News talks to Deborah Crombie, a Texas author with an Anglophilic bent.

Matt Rees chats with the Middle Eastern Times about his debut novel, THE COLLABORATOR OF BETHLEHEM.

Ian Rankin will be the next writer to produce original fiction
for the New York Times Magazine’s Funny Pages.

Lawrence Downes went down to Georgia looking for traces of Flannery O’Connor and reports back to the New York Times.

Will Roman Polanski’s next movie be an adaptation of Robert Harris’ POMPEII?

Tara Moss, everyone’s favorite #1 bestselling model-turned-crime writer, is back in the news.

Rebranding Dostoyevsky. Ack. (last item.)

And finally, like everyone else, my jaw remains dropped at the astronaut love triangle story.