Yes, I admit it: the first thing I did upon waking this morning (and preparing the requisite number of GalleyCat posts) was read the entire text of Vanessa Grigoriadis’s New York cover story on the fall of Judith Regan. I suspect a lot of other people did, too.

The Boston Globe talks with Michael Lowenthal about his marvelous new novel CHARITY GIRL, which highlights a particularly awful part of early 20th century American history.

The number of independent bookstores may be growing, but the Christian Times Monitor wonders where the money will come from.

Jeffrey Toobin writes about all things Google in the New Yorker.

The Washington Post’s Bob Thompson meets Pauline Chen, a surgeon who believes that death should be viewed with more compassion and empathy in medicine than it is.

Ken Bruen is the latest guest of John Kenyon’s “Things I’d Rather Be Doing” blog.

At the Rap Sheet, Dick Adler is serializing his new novel MEN’S ADVENTURE. The first installment is live today.

Forgotten previously: Mark Sarvas profiled by a gushing Tom Teichholz in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles.