Some things just can’t be made up

And at the moment, it’s no fun living in Fago, Spain:

It is a whodunnit that could have

come straight from the pages of an Agatha Christie novel – the village

where every single resident is a murder suspect.

the mayor of Fago was shot dead ten days ago, detectives have discovered that he was
so reviled, any one of the villagers could have had a motive to do away
with him.

And now all 37 locals,
as well as people who own holiday homes there, are being DNA tested and
questioned over the killing of Miguel Grima.

was an unpleasant man who ran this place like his personal kingdom,"
says one of the few forthcoming villagers, Santiago Miramar. "He made
life difficult for most of us but, for a select few, he made life

But the show must go on, as today is the final deadline for people to put themselves forward to become Fago’s new mayor. So far, no volunteers…