New Year Links

And so, here we are in 2007, and how is it that two days into the new year I’m already behind? The more things change…the more the links pile up:

Jonathan Yardley offers his own take
, and hearty appreciation, for THE GREAT GATSBY. Also at the Post, Patrick Anderson has some interesting thoughts on the “middle-tier” of thriller writers, most recently embodied by James Grippando.

William Boyd talks with the Wall Street Journal
about terrorism and gleaning comedy from serious matters.

January Magazine is chock-a-block with recommendations for crime fiction lovers on the year that was 2006.

Slowly but surely, the newest edition of Thrilling Detective is going up. Look for stories by Duane Swierczynski, Stephen D. Rogers, Jack Bludis & Karl Koweski, which all promise to kick serious ass.

The New York Times looks at the popularity of literary cruises
, which has attracted many a crime writer to its ships.

The Independent’s John Walsh talks to Stuart MacBride in its latest podcast.

Murder Ink is now, sadly, officially gone – but the New York Daily News gets one last word in about the oldest mystery independent mystery bookshop (question is, who holds this mantle now?)

What’s up with library collections culling their books? Not enough room on the shelves, it looks like.

And finally, opera by satellite transmission? I’m all for that.