The Year that Was

I was going to prepare some big long spiel about all things 2006 – the good, the bad, the reading, the writing, the personal changes. Because there was much good, some bad, a hell of a lot of reading, many short stories published, a novel written (but not completed yet – all in due time) and a rollercoaster of changes. And that’s not even taking into account all the places I traveled to this year: San Francisco, Portland (OR), Phoenix, Baltimore, Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, Rhode Island, Washington (DC), Bristol (UK), London, Madison.

No wonder I’m tired.

But I’m also optimistic, with new goals in place to meet, or even exceed. New challenges to face head-on and others I can’t even anticipate yet. There’s a site to revamp (this one) and fiction to create. Because in a weird way, I feel like this current phase of adulthood only began last summer. Amazing what a green card will accomplish.

So again, thanks. And here’s to a happy, healthy 2007 for all.

But I hope I can travel a bit less, you know?