Talkin’ Sex with Walter Mosley

OK, is it me, or is the publicity shot that accompanies Mosley’s interview with Radar online – a photo that predates his upcoming novel, KILLING JOHNNY FRY, by several years – seem to imply something in particular? Then again, maybe that’s the point, considering what topics the book delves into:

Put plainly, this is a filthy novel. Some of the sexual scenes are quite imaginative. Were any of them taken from your life?

Why yes, Mike, they were [laughs].
Look, every writer takes events from his life. You can’t escape that.
In my life, I had these things happen, like finding out that a
girlfriend was seeing someone else. I didn’t necessarily walk in on her
getting anally violated by a large-cocked white man, but that’s fiction
for you [laughs]. But if asked, I would say that 25 percent of the prose is more explicit than I’ve ever experienced.

There’s lots more where that came from…