The Nero Award Goes to Tess Gerritsen

Better late on this than never, but a hearty congratulations to Tess Gerritsen for scooping up the Nero Wolfe Society’s annual award for her 2005 novel VANISH. Gerritsen was in New York Saturday night to receive her award and had a great time at the Black Orchid banquet:

These are my kind of people.  They eat, they drink, they party, they

sing bad songs, and they love mystery novels – specifically, Rex

Stout’s mystery novels starring the immortal Nero Wolfe. I’ve never met a more convivial bunch.

And I don’t say that just because they happened to honor my novel

VANISH with the 2006 Nero Award.  I say this because these are the kind

of people I could hang out with year after year, if only they lived

closer to me.  Their idea of a good time is to drink a lot, talk

mysteries, and enjoy meals from The Cookbook, based on the spectacular

repasts described in the Nero Wolfe mystery novels, by Rex Stout.

Hey works for me, too….