The Killer Year Anthology

As broken by the folks of CrimeSpree, the rumors are, indeed, true – the folks of Killer Year have pulled off a marvellous move, as the “class of 2007” authors comprising the group will be featured in an anthology edited by Lee Child. Scott Miller (who represents several individual Killer Year authors such as Marcus Sakey, J.T. Ellison and Robert Gregory Browne) struck the deal with Mike Homler of St. Martin’s Press, who plans to publish the anthology in early 2008.

Yesterday afternoon I asked Miller how he went about selling the anthology: “Basically, my pitch to publishers was –

there are a lot of incredibly talented young writers who are going to be

included here, it would behoove you to buy this book and perhaps get on the

band wagon early.  I also made it clear that there would be a lot of brand

names who would associate themselves with this project. I originally sent it to Ben Sevier, but after he left

[for Touchstone/Fireside] Mike Homler stepped up and made an offer.  Mike had expressed an interest

in this project right from its inception.”

The deal was for North American rights, and Miller added that we should “stay tuned in hearing about audio and foreign sales.”

UPDATE: Publishers Marketplace has posted the deal: “An

anthology from the group of debut thriller writers who are Killer Year

members, edited by Lee Child, to Mike Homler at St. Martin’s, for

publication in early 2008, by Scott Miller at Trident Media Group (NA).”