Tuesday Smatterings

As I attempt to cram about 10 hours of work into three hours, some quick links:

John Kenyon chats with George Pelecanos about his musical influences, Steve Wynn, and why he gave up playing the trumpet as a kid.

After interviewing Alexander McCall Smith, Toby Clements feels even worse about parodying Mma Ramotswe in his newest books. Hey, these things happen…

Matt Thorne shrugs off his inner fanboy to talk to Stephen King about what he’s afraid of.

Sue Turnbull goes with the flow in reviewing CHRISTINE FALLS
by Benjamin Black (aka John Banville) but also gets the Chandlerian references in the novel.

Anthony Rainone reviews Lawrence Light’s new mystery
, FEAR AND GREED, for January Magazine.

The Miami Book Fair is underway and the Herald has a ton of coverage, including writers’ promotional efforts and a review of MIAMI NOIR.

What would you rather have: Thomas Pynchon’s new novel or a toaster?

The new issue of Demolition is up, and boy, are there some awesome offerings from the likes of Dave White, Russel McLean, Patti Abbott, Tim Wohlforth, David Terrenoire, Chris Everheart, Jordan Harper, Colin Conway and John C. Weagly.

SHOTS has put up Mike Ripley’s latest column and there’s so much stuffed into one page that’s all worth reading (hat tip: The Rap Sheet.)

Mordecai Richler’s ST. URBAIN’S HORSEMAN is being turned into a TV miniseries, one that’s obsessed with getting the details right.

New offerings from the Bat Segundo Show: Richard Dawkins & Mark Danielewski.

And finally, OMG. Maybe this will explain the phenomenon, because after a combined total of almost 4 years in New York, I still do not get it.