The New York Times gets a peek at Nelson DeMille’s home, a 10,000 square-foot Tudor-style dwelling.

How do you arrange your books? The Guardian’s Sarah Crown is ever frustrated by the process and is seeking ideas from others.  And for much more on the literary world, the Guardian’s arts blog is a must-read.

The Miami Herald offers a preview of the upcoming Book Fair, which will honor several African-American and Caribbean writers.

What happens when bestselling crime writer Martina Cole comes out to Canary Wharf? A bomb scare, as the area’s local paper reports.

The Northern Echo chats with Alan Titchmarsh, who has no desire to be anything unlike his amiable TV persona.

James Button looks through the London Review of Books’ personal ads and is amused by what he finds.

With the mega-turmoil at the LA Times, former books editor Steve Wasserman assesses what happened – and what may still happen (link via TEV.)

James Marcus chats with Gore Vidal about, well, everything. (hat tip: Jenny D)

And uh oh, looks like the Britney/Kevin Federline divorce is getting nasty. Sole custody of the kids, K-Fed? Who’s kidding who here?