Links all over the place

My review of Michael Largo’s FINAL EXITS: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die is up today at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

It’s irreverent and fun with lots of facts and some serious moments,

and I had a great time reading it. I suspect lots others will too.

Are you sick and tired of providing snacks to the soccer game? So is Harlan Coben, and he wishes things would change.

Knopf editor Vicky Wilson not only likes to tinker with manuscripts, but with houses, as the New York Times found out late last week.

The Financial Express’s Sandipan Deb casts a vote in favor of crime fiction getting its due as a “legitimate literary genre.”

The Globe and Mail kicks off its interviews of all the shortlisted Giller Prize nominees, starting off with doctor-turned-writer Vincent Lam.

The Rap Sheet completes its survey of the author most missed by crime fiction readers, and by a whisker, it’s Jonathan Valin (whose Harry Stoner novels are slowly being reissued by Felony & Mayhem Press.)

Oh, I figured this had to happen: “Beloved media icon by day, crime-fighting detective at night.” Meet Jimmy Jazzoid, DJ Detective.