Deals, Deals, Deals

As we catch up on the latest in mystery/thriller acquisitions. First up, SMP gets a new author in a pre-empt:

Bill Floyd’s debut novel BEHIND THE DARK, about the wife of a serial

killer trying to save herself and her son from the father of one of the

victims, to Charles Spicer for Minotaur, in a pre-empt, for publication

in winter 2008, by Thomas Colchie.

Next, Phillip Margolin will be staying at Harper, landing a big fish in the editor pond:

PROOF POSITIVE author Phillip Margolin’s next two thrillers, to Harper,

with Marjorie Braman editing, in a major seven-figure deal, by Jean

Naggar of the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency.

And yesterday we had the superhero book deal, now there’s the superhero anthology:

Editors Christopher Chambers and Gary Phillips’s DARKER MASK, an

illustrated anthology of superhero and fantasy short stories, featuring

stories by L.A. Banks, Steven Barnes, Reed Farrel Coleman, Eric Jerome

Dickey, Tananarive Due, Michael Gonzales, Gar A. Haywood, and Walter

Mosley, to Eric Raab at Tor, for publication in January 2008, by

Jacqueline Hackett at the Watkins Loomis (NA).

Something tells me there will be *lots* more superhero proposals on editors’ desk by the end of the year….