The Girl’s Guide to Bouchercon, 2006 Edition

I realize linking to last year’s edition is phenomenally lazy of me, but really, most of the points don’t change from year to year. The crucial difference – at least for me – is that I don’t have to watch from the sidelines, and I can go into that hyper-social mode I only seem to access once a year, right around BCon time. Funny how that happens…

What will also remain the same is that Confessions will be a blog-free zone while I’m at BCon (though once I return, and survive Yom Kippur, expect lots and lots of posts.) And something tells me that other folks may not adopt the same stance. And for those who take a picture and need to upload those pictures

right that second (and don’t have their own Flickr account) The gateway email address I set up last year that will allow

for easy uploading of photos to the Bouchercon Flickr site is still valid. The email address is: even17way AT photos DOT flickr DOT com. So

store them in your contact lists, cameraphones or whatever you want to

use to make your pics available to the public.

What does bear repeating every single year is this: The first ten minutes spent on Bouchercon waters will be confusing,

fright-inducing and otherwise weird. And then you will meet someone you

know — probably in and around the hotel bar — and everything will

take care of itself. It always does.

See you in Madison!