Yes, I’m making this a meme

John Rickards asks this: if you change one letter in a book title, what do you end up with?

Every Secret Thong

Who is the masked killer preying on Baltimore’s cross-dressing elite?

The Billing Floor

Little did Jack Reacher realise when he got off the bus in the town of

Baxter, Mississippi, that a wanted ad in the local paper would see him

land a job with the local utilities company. Promised a corner office

and a varied working life, he instead finds himself duped, trapped in a

cubicle in the company’s billing department, fighting to retain his

sanity in the face of overwhelming mundanity.

The Mercy Seal

He roams the ice floes, seeking out the sick and the dying in order to

bring them a quick, dignified release. In an unforgiving landscape

where death comes slow and painful, you too will pray for a swift end

beneath the flippers of the Mercy Seal.

I guess it’s testament to not having had enough coffee that the only ones I can think of are PRUDE AND PREJUDICE (“a moralistic librarian must join forces with a foul-mouthed porn producer”), PUG ISLAND (“a mysterious island of dogs threatens to take over the world!!”) and THE THIRTEENTH GALE (“hurricanes off a coastal town in England! help!”)

Add yours in the backblogs. Spread the word. This is fun.