How did I not know this?

So James Ellroy is everywhere, what with the movie of the BLACK DAHLIA in theatres imminently. The latest to interview him is the Pasadena Weekly, which reveals why he moved back to the LA area after so many years away, and why he intends to write “only LA novels” once he finishes up the continuation of his America epic (which will end at 1972):

“I want this place. I want to be here. I want to bay at the moon. …

It’s ironic that I moved back to LA at this time. The movie will be

released almost 25 years to the day that I left here. I had to come

back. I got divorced. I met a woman up in San Francisco, she dumped my

ass, and I decided I better get back here.”

The woman in question is Helen Knode, a film critic and author in her own right whom Ellroy married back in 1991. I guess I figured if she could put up with him for so long they were probably built to last but…guess not.