Please, make it stop

I mean, the Teen Choice awards appearance was wretched enough, but now this?

Looks like the 28-year-old husband of singer

Britney Spears will be shuffling over to the small screen, where he

will appear in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  on CBS this fall, People reported.

Although he and Spears ventured into TV with their reality show Chaotic, which aired on UPN last year, Federline said this will be his first venture into acting.

"It’s the first time I’ve actually had a speaking role," he told the magazine.

Federline started filming this week in Los
Angeles. He will play a menacing, arrogant teen who harasses
investigators Nick Stokes (George Eads) and Warrick Brown (Gary
Dourdan) on a job. The episode is tentatively scheduled to air in October.

And in doing so, continues the grand Hollywood tradition of actors nearing thirty playing adolescents. Woo freaking hoo.