Wow, some actual deals to report on

First up, Alex Berenson, whose debut thriller THE FAITHFUL SPY was released a few months ago by Random House, makes a switch:

New York Times reporter Alex Berenson’s two new untitled novels,

featuring the protagonist from The Faithful Spy, a CIA agent who has

infiltrated al-Qaeda, to Neil Nyren at Putnam, by Heather Schroder at


Next, Shalom Auslander’s memoir deal has finally been announced, and it looks like he followed his editor for the fabulous short story collection BEWARE OF GOD from one house to the next:

Shalom Auslander’s FORESKIN’S LAMENT, a memoir of growing up in an

orthodox religious community and the author’s life-long struggle with

the consistently angry God he met there, to Geoffrey Kloske at

Riverhead, by Jaime Wolf of Pelosi Wolf Effron & Spates (world).

And finally, I must read this biography when it’s published:

Larry Tye’s SATCHEL, a biography of Satchel Paige and the story of

desegegration in the US, to Will Murphy at Random House, at auction, by

Jill Kneerim at Kneerim & Williams (NA).

Don’t look back…someone might be gaining on you.