That’s right, I’m supposed to title these things, aren’t I?

A selection of frivolous news links. Because it’s too hot to think of anything serious.

Parents beware! Our preteens might be reading about S-E-X. Or shopping, which may be worse, seeing as they have far more access to the latter.

The Buffalo News looks at The Rules for thriller writers. Don’t put out until the third chapter.

Don’t you have Whoopi Goldberg warm up your audience before you read?

A nice roomy interview with James Lee Burke. Who should evidently have Whoopi Goldberg carting boxes for him.

The secret to Robert Wilson’s success? A cowboy bar t-shirt.

An inside look at agent-author manuvering as superagent Bill Clegg returns as a member of William Morris.

How come I didn’t hear about the Ed McBain anthology when it released last month? Time to hustle over to Books, Etc. and plunk down some cash.

And finally, didn’t I read something like this in one of Joe Konrath’s books?