Thursday links, BSP and otherwise

The National Post’s Robert Fulford has a lengthy essay (though mixed take) on the work of Michael Connelly.

At January Magazine proper, Steve Miller reviews Domenic Stansberry’s THE BIG BOOM, while at the Rap Sheet Blog, they link to interviews with Harry Hunsicker and Andrew Pepper, both worth checking out.

The Sydney Morning Herald talks to Jake Arnott, who after 4 books is still “learning to write.” 

Rejoice, O 44 SCOTLAND STREET fans: Alexander McCall Smith will be penning a 4th volume of the daily serial.

And for fans of Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander series, it looks like a TV series is in the works in Britain.

USA Today rounds up new mysteries
by Laura Lippman, David Hosp, Laurie King and Anne Holt.

Penguin Most Wanted
updates with an essay from yours truly, Jim Kelly on the Hanratty case and Barry Eisler on his creation, John Rain.

SHOTS has updated bigtime with a feature on Quercus, a focus on thrillers, party photos galore, and an interview with Andrew Taylor.

And finally, I do love me some crayolas.