Catching up on crime links

Will Ian Rankin turn to children’s fiction when he’s done with Rebus? The Scotsman will pretty much report anything about him, of course (Rankin reads phone book! Rankin walks down street!) but it would be a pretty awesome project, so I hope that’s actually in the cards…

Denise Hamilton makes a great case for Hard Case Crime and its ever-growing profile as the leader in retro-pulp fiction (and in full disclosure, I’m quoted in the LA Times piece.)

Busted Flush Press gets a great write-up in the Houston Chronicle, as publisher David Thompson details his plans for current and future releases.

The Cohasset Mariner talks to David Hosp, the lawyer turned crime writer whose latest book, DARK HARBOR, is out now.

Phillipe Claudel explains to the Deseret News why he’s interested in combining crime fiction and metaphysics together in the brew that is the just-released BY A SLOW RIVER.

The St. Louis Dispatch catches up with Joe Konrath
, who has just begun his Herculean task to sign books at 500 bookstores this summer.

On the book review front: Oline Cogdill is bowled over by John Hart’s debut and offers a positive spin on THRILLER; The NYTBR offers up a love letter to Peter Robinson in the form of Jim Windolf’s review; David Lazarus digs new books by Cody McFadyen, Paul Goldstein and Jim Rollins; Steve Brewer gets a great writeup in the Chico Times for WHIPSAW; Sheryl Connelly cottons more to the family drama aspect of Elisabeth Hyde’s latest novel, THE ABORTIONIST’S DAUGHTER; Patrick Anderson warns people about the violence in SHADOW MAN but still calls it “among the best crime fiction you’ll read this year”; The Buffalo News has much to say about Dan Fesperman’s THE PRISONER OF GUANTANAMO; Geoff Campbell is dazzled by Matthew Pearl’s THE POE SHADOW; The Auburn Citizen gives a thumbs-up to Cornelia Read’s debut; The Sun-Times had the same problem I did with THE SERIAL KILLERS CLUB – it goes on too long; Dick Adler’s column features the latest by Ann Parker, Edmundo Paz Soldan, Cornelia Read, Jason Goodwin, Lori Andrews, Brad Thor, Michael Connelly and reissues by Donald Westlake & Madison Smartt Bell.

And finally, I think I must go see this. (thanks, K!)