By the time you read this

I’ll be in the air on a flight across the country, where ThrillerFest – and the 100+ degree weather of Phoenix – awaits. And because I don’t feel like schlepping the laptop all the way down there, the blog’s going dark until I get back. But as soon as I return, my report (along with those by many others, I am sure) will be posted and linked.

Until then, I strongly suggest checking in at the Rap Sheet blog, where Jeff, Linda, Anthony & Steve are doing an amazing job keeping up with the crime fiction world. Better than I am lately, to be honest. And on Sunday, Confessions will be participating in a contest organized by Debra Hamel. Other blog luminaries such as Grumpy Old Bookman and Books, Inq. will be taking part, too.

And yesterday’s highlights? Seeing Laura Lippman at Black Orchid in what was a very well-attended signing, and finally, finally getting to meet Sandra Scoppettone (albeit rather briefly) earlier that day at the Bryant Park Reading Room.

A bientot.