Honors for Mickey Spillane

Somehow, this bit of news seems rather fitting:

Georgetown County Council on Tuesday approved a resolution supporting

the naming of U.S. Highway 17 Business in Murrells Inlet in his honor. Spillane, whose first novel was published in 1947, lives in Murrells Inlet with his third wife, Jane.

“Mickey Spillane is held in high esteem by his peers, and in 1979 was bestowed the Junior Literary Guild Award, and was honored with the title of Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America at the Edgar Allen Poe Awards,” the resolution states.

Jerry Oakley, who represents Murrells Inlet on County Council, said he and others “thought it would be appropriate to honor Mickey in some way. If that’s something other than the highway, that would be fine “Mickey is obviously the only international celebrity Murrells Inlet has ever had,” Oakley told the Times. “He’s just a good guy. He’s a guy everybody knows and everybody likes. He’s been with us for decades.”

The council is open to other ideas that would honor Spillane without naming a road after him, if that’s deemed appropriate.