Cue up the Dancing Alien

Sometimes the thing you’re waiting for the most comes at a time you least expect it. Which probably explains the reaction I had when I opened the mail a few days ago and out popped a shiny new card, one that will allow me to stay in the country for a hell of a long time (renewable every ten years, of course.)

Yes folks, I am now a permanent resident of New York. The green card has landed, and I didn’t have to marry anyone or rely on someone to employ me to get it.

Some background: when I moved to the city a little over a year ago, I was on a work visa. I figured at some point in the not-too-distant future I’d start proceedings for permanent residency but well, that was for the future.

Then things changed. The future was now. After careful consultation and some well-placed research, much scrambling and preparation ensued and by early December, the application was in.

And so, a little over seven months later, I am officially an Alien of Extraordinary Ability. I so need a t-shirt. And if I get one made, I want this graphic.

Thanks to those (you know who you are) who helped make this possible. I appreciate it more than I can possibly say.