Takin’ care of business

So perhaps you may have noticed that my output at Galleycat has increased quite a lot this week. That’s because next week I’ll be rather scarce, what with taking a much-needed long weekend (so the Weekend Update won’t be posted till late Monday at the earliest, or not at all) and ThrillerFest beginning Thursday. As a result posting will be, to say the least, rather light for the next little while.

It’s also summer, and I like my summer hours just like everyone else. So aside from bringing back August’s Great Guest Blog Extravaganza – more details on that in a future post – I’m also lightening the load on Thursdays considerably by introducing a new, completely frivolous feature.

Welcome to YouTube Thursdays. What is it? Mostly me posting wacky, thoughtful, or otherwise hard-to-find clips made available through that fabulous, completely time-sucking feature. As I was saying to my brother last night, I wonder sometimes how the Internet got along without it – that’s how popular and pervasive it’s become.

To kick things off, here are Pitchfork’s picks for the 100 Most Awesome Music Videos (link via Ed) which should suck away your time quite nicely. It sure did for me….

And for the rest of the afternoon, learn English with the Zuiikin Gals! (Here and here, also.)