Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s a Killer Year

And so, as promised, Killer Year – the official website for mystery, suspense and thriller authors whose work debuts in 2007 – has launched, complete with a member list, faq and of course, a blog. Founding member Jason Pinter gets the ball rolling:

In the Class

of 2007, you might find the next Michael Connelly. The next Sue

Grafton. The next P.D. James. The next David Morrell. The next Sara

Paretsky. The next John Grisham. The next Laura Lippman. The next Dan

Brown. Or the next author whom future novelists can only hope to be


In these

members of the inaugural Killer Year, the Class of 2007, you’ll find a

group of debut novelists hungry and prepared to burst onto the crime

scene. Many of them will create stories and characters that will be

talked about for years. They will raise pulses, shorten fingernails,

and have us turning the last page and feeling the greatest emotions of

all—pure joy, entertainment, and satisfaction.

So it’s my pleasure to introduce the Class of 2007.

Welcome aboard – this is going to be so much fun to watch develop over the course of the next eighteen months…