Now this sounds like fun

Many people who have tried Jeffrey Cohen’s Aaron Tucker novels end up crying out as to why he doesn’t have more readers. Something tells me that with this new deal, he might get more:

Jeffrey Cohen’s SOME LIKE IT HOT BUTTERED, in which the owner of a

renovated movie house finds it’s no laughing matter when a theater-goer

dies in his popcorn, to Shannon Jamieson Vazquez at Berkley, in a

two-book deal, by Christina Hogrebe at Jane Rotrosen Agency.

I have to admit, I like the mental image of someone dying in their popcorn. So sue me…

Also worth noting is that the acquiring editor is Shannon Jamieson Vasquez, who moved to Berkley after more than five years with Bantam Dell. At her previous job she edited Sean Doolittle, Naomi Hirahara, Ellen Sandler and Andrea Barham, among others.