Hurrah for Jenny D!

I’m a day late, several dollars short but so, so very pleased for Jenny Davidson’s news that her novel, DYNAMITE NO.1, will be published in 2008 by HarperCollins Children’s books. I cannot wait to read this and the next book in the series.

Congratulations, Jenny! This is such wonderful news.

UPDATE, 6/4/06: Here’s the PM writeup:

Jenny Davidson’s DYNAMITE No. 1, in which a fifteen-year-old, growing

up in an alternate history version of the 1930s where Napoleon won at

Waterloo, cars run on hydrogen, and Sigmund Freud is a talk radio

crank, discovers a plot to hasten the beginning of her world’s answer

to World War II, to Ruth Katcher at Harper Children’s, in a good deal,

by Liz Gately at Anderson Grinberg Literary Management (NA).

Very very cool.