End of week smatterings

Everywhere I look, it’s all about Edgar Allan Poe. See Matthew Pearl’s essay on the man in the Telegraph, his top ten books on Poe for the Guardian,or Metro Weekly’s review of Louis Bayard’s THE PALE BLUE EYE.

The Seattle Times’ Adam Woog talks to Donna Leon about her latest Commisario Brunetti mystery, THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY.

Sue Grafton chats with Metro UK about Kinsey, the inevitable alphabetical finish and why crime writers are obsessed with the dark side.

Is the DA VINCI CODE officially critic proof now? The Guardian’s Mark Lawson thinks so and explains why in great detail.

When Charlotte Bronte decided to immortalize the school that had made her life hell in JANE EYRE, the inspiration for such almost sued for defamation. The Independent investigates why.

Slate’s Pulp Fiction week carries on, as Laura Lippman talks about her love affair with Mildred Pierce and Christopher Benfrey continues Poe-mania with his review of THE POE SHADOW.

Gold medal paperbacks in omnibuses? This is indeed incredibly damn great news.

Not only is Jan Burke now blogging, she’s created one for the Crime Lab Project, a fabulous cause that everyone should get involved with.

And finally, this is just hilarious. (via Ed.)